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List of Texas Births of Stokes Babies from 1919 through 1931, 1935, 1947, 1948, and 1990

This table includes all babies as recorded by the Texas Department of Health Bureau of Vital Statistics with last names Stocks, Stokeld, Stokely, Stoker, Stokes, Stokesberry, Stokey, Stokley, and Stokr in the years listed above.

I believe the source printouts have transcription errors made when the the original documents were transcribed—I believe this because I have reason to believe that one of my great-great-uncles is listed here with my great-grandmother's name completely mangled. If you notice your own relative (or yourself!) listed here with errors, please let me know. Or, if you notice an error I made in copying the file, also please let me know.

Text in italics below a name are comments or elaboration. In some cases, when names have been clearly abbreviated with standard abbreviations (e.g. Geo for George, Wm for William), I have added a comment with the non-abbreviated version to assist those individuals who may be attempting to locate the names via search engine. In some cases there are comments where I noticed an inconsistency. Because many people have "nicknames" as their actual given names, I have not expanded upon traditional nicknames (e.g. Bill for William) unless I am relatively certain that it is in fact a nickname and not the individual's real given name through either personal knowledge or notification made by a site visitor who has personal knowledge. Question marks which appear alone for the first name indicate that no first name was recorded. This could be for any number of reasons. Assume the sex is unknown for any child where it is not recorded, even if the name seems obvious. If you can confirm or deny data for any child, please let me know!

Please note that for the early years my source document was poorly scanned and contains only partial information for most births.


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1919 Stokes and related births in Texas

Last Name First Name County DOB Sex Mother Father
Stocks ? Tarrant 14 Oct 1919 U E.J.? E.J.?
Stoker ? Jasper 2 Dec 1919 U D.L? D.L.?
Stoker Horace Franklin 2 Nov 1919 U
Stoker R.C. Crosby 25 Oct 1919 U
Stokes ? Rusk 25 Jul 1919 U Arther E.
Stokes ? Wilbarger 30 Sep 1919 U Ben E.
Stokes ? Collin 3 Apr 1919 U J.S.? J.S.?
Stokes ? Johnson 15 Mar 1919 U M.L.? M.L.?
Stokes ? Throckmorton 12 Sep 1919 U T.C.? T.C.?
Stokes ? Sabine 9 Sep 1919 U W.H.? W.H.?
Stokes ? El Paso 8 Nov 1919 U Warren Virgil Stokes
Stokes ? Wilson 18 Feb 1919 U William Hiram Stokes
Stokes Jack Harold Erath 11 Mar 1919 U
Stokes James Trible Dewitt 6 Sep 1919 U
Stokes John W. Jr. Austin 15 Sep 1919 M John W. Stokes, Sr.
Sex and father's name are presumed based on "Jr." designation.
Stokes Joseph Jefferson 12 Jan 1919
Stokes Martha Jane Dallas 12 Mar 1919 U
Stokes Mary Alice Jefferson 15 Nov 1919 U
Stokes Mollie Cherokee 20 Feb 1919 U
Stokes Orbra Dee Bandera 4 Nov 1919 U
Stokes Robert Lee, Jr. Stephens 7 Sep 1919 M Robert Lee Stokes, Sr.
Sex and father's name are presumed based on "Jr." designation.
Stokes Sarah Catherin Delta 15 Jul 1919 U
Middle name may have been cut off on report.

1920 Stokes and related births in Texas

Last Name First Name County DOB Sex Mother Father
Stocks ? Ellis 3 Feb 1920 A G Stocks
Stocks ? Cooke 4 July 1920 R E Stocks
Stocks or Stockes ? Upshur 19 May 1920 Jack
Stoke Maxine Bosque 4 Mar 1920
Stokely Margaret Elane Limestone 13 Dec 1920
Stoker ? Parker 11 Sep 1920 Ed H Stoker
Stoker ? Stephens 26 Oct 1920 Enoch Wade Stoker
Stokes ? Harrison 13 May 1920 Charlie Stokes
Stokes ? Rusk 19 Oct 1920 Dollie
Stokes ? Runnels 10 Jan 1920 Lynn Stokes? Lynn Stokes?
Stokes ? Williamson 5 Mar 1920 M B Stokes
Stokes ? Tarrant 11 Oct 1920 Ora Stokes? Ora Stokes?
Stokes ? Gonzales 22 Apr 1920 W U Stokes
Stokes A N(H?) Smith 15 Jul 1920
Stokes Anrelia Byrdeane Dallas 9 Feb 1920
Stokes Dortha O Smith 30 Jun 1920
Stokes George Edward Eastland 22 Dec 1920
Stokes Grethel Mae Smith 28 Aug 1920
Stokes Hellen Lasone or Lorene Orange 18 Jun 1920
Stokes Jolen Edwin (Jr) McLennan 7 Jul 1920
Stokes Mary Etoial Dawson 3 May 1920
Stokes Robert Stanley El Paso 15 May 1920
Stokes Terry Lee Bandera 21 Jul 1920
Stokes Thomas Island Orange 7 Jun 1920
Stokes Vernon Abner Bexar 19 Jan 1920
Stokes William Thomas Navarro 15 Apr 1920
Stokes Willie Evylen Hill 12 Nov 1920

1921 Stokes and related births in Texas

Last Name First Name County DOB Sex Mother Father
Stokely ? Waller 31 Jan 1921 Joe Stokely
Stokely ? Harris 24 Jul 1921 LV Stokely
Stoker ? Wilson 7 Aug 1921 Luther Riley Stoker
Stoker Alma Imergene Palo Pinto 25 Jun 1921
Stoker Claud Henry Kerr 12 Sep 1921
Stoker Elizabeth Laurah Stephens 2 Mar 1921
Stoker Leah Collin 8 May 1921
Stokes ? Howard 21 Dec 1921 Aldie E Stokes? Aldie E Stokes?
Stokes ? Fannin 19 Nov 1921 Bud Stokes
Stokes ? Gray 6 Sep 1921 Claud Stokes
Stokes ? McLennan 28 Mar 1921 D K Stokes
Stokes ? Parker 30 Aug 1921 E H Stokes
Stokes ? Tarrant 21 Jan 1921 Hubert W Stokes
Stokes ? Hopkins 24 Aug 1921 Lewis Stokes
Stokes ? Bexar 26 Apr 1921 Vollney J Stokes
Stokes ? Runnels 28 Nov 1921 Will Stokes
Stokes ? Scurry 9 Feb 1921 Willie Sanford Stokes
Stokes Audry Blanch Bandera 18 Aug 1921
Stokes Catherine Annetta or Annette Harrison 29 Oct 1921
Stokes Edward Lakon or Lakou 13 Jan 1921
Stokes George Virgil El Paso 2 Nov 1921
Stokes H W Orange 22 Apr 1921
Stokes Harding Austin 28 Oct 1921
Stokes Jack Moore Dallas 9 Oct 1921
Stokes Jennie Belle Irion 25 Apr 1921
Stokes Marie Bexar 13 Sep 1921
Stokes Maurine Vernis Coleman 17 Dec 1921
Stokes Meredith Navarro 19 Jun 1921
Stokes N W (Jr) Lynn 11 Dec 1921 N W Stokes Sr?
Stokes Pearl Palo Pinto 28 May 1921
Stokes Thomas Jefferson 12 Dec 1921
Stokes Thomas Early Austin 6 Apr 1921
Stokes Tom D (Jr) Kerr 1 Apr 1921 Tom D Stokes Sr?
Stokes William Buford Wichita 29 Apr 1921
Stokey Roland Hill Dallas 24 Sep 1921
Stokus Sophie Austin 23 Aug 1921

1922 Stokes and related births in Texas

Last Name First Name County DOB Sex Mother Father
Stocker ? Navarro 29 Jan 1922 Enoch Wade Stocker
Stockes ? Gregg 21 Dec 1922 Carl Stokes
Stocks ? Swisher 26 Mar 1922 Barney C Stocks
Stocks Claud Martine Morris 23 Sep 1922
Stokeley ? Upshur 16 Jul 1922 Tommie Stokes
Stokely ? Limestone 11 Sep 1922 Lewis Eugene Stokes
Stoker ? Johnson 1 Dec 1922 A O(G?) Stokes
Stoker Alx Harrison 18 Feb 1922
Stoker Davey Haris Hill 2 Mar 1922
Stoker Emmett Harrison 18 Jul 1922
Stoker Francis Kenyon Bexar 1 Sep 1922
Stoker Haddon Jr Bexar 29 Nov 1922 Haddon Stokes Sr?
Stoker Juanita Hill 25 Apr 1922
Stoker William Russel Harrison 21 Oct 1922
Stokes ? Johnson 1 Dec 1922 A O? A O Stokes?
Stokes ? Rusk 10 Nov 1922 Dollie
Stokes ? Bosque 8 Nov 1922 Frank Stokes
Stokes ? Smith 14 Dec 1922 Gertrude
Stokes ? El Paso 18 Mar 1922 Howard Feremos Stokes?
Stokes ? Dallas 5 Nov 1922 Hugh Stokes
Stokes ? Runnels 10 May 1922 Lynn? Lynn Stokes?
Stokes ? Bexar 19 Nov 1922 Ruby
Stokes Abbie Lane Johnson 25 Aug 1922
Stokes Charles Allen El Paso 22 May 1922
Stokes Clara Smith 24 Aug 1922
Stokes Elmere Ewing Harris 14 Sep 1922
Stokes Jack Lee Childress 18 Jul 1922
Stokes Juanita Hill 23 Apr 1922
Stokes Lucila Mitchell 24 Sep 1922
Stokes Marry (Harry?) Hill 29 Sep 1922
Stokesberry Robert Lee Dewitt 27 Nov 1922
Stokesbury John Taylor Dewitt 20 Aug 1922
Stokley ? Dallas 21 Feb 1922 C Y? C Y Stokes?
Stokley ? Dallas 29 Jun 1922 Elbert Franklin Stokley

1923 Stokes and related births in Texas

Last Name First Name County DOB Sex Mother Father
Stoker ? Navarro 11 Dec 1923 Enoch Wade Stoker
Stoker ? Stephens 10 Feb 1923 Ruede? Ruede Stokes?
Stoker ? Harrison 20 Aug 1923 Rus Stokes
Stoker Helen Vivian Johnson 4 May 1923
Stoker Leatrice Joy Hill 20 Jul 1923
Stoker Millie Harrison 25 Nov 1923
Stoker Willie Bun Taylor 9 Jun 1923
Stoker Wilmer Harrison 25 Nov 1923
Stokes ? Jefferson 4 Sep 1923 Allen Stokes
Stokes ? Hunt 17 Jun 1923 Everette? Everette Stokes?
Stokes ? Dallas 5 Sep 1923 Jim Stokes
Stokes ? Fannin 3 Mar 1923 Jim Stokes
Stokes ? Henderson 28 Nov 1923 John Stokes
Stokes ? Harris 25 Jul 1923 Mike Stokes
Stokes ? Tarrant 21 Aug 1923 S A? S A Stokes?
Stokes ? Scurry 25 Mar 1923 Willie S Stokes
Stokes Alfred Cleburne Harris 28 Dec 1923
Stokes B H (Jr) Bandera 19 Aug 1923 B H Stokes Sr?
Stokes Berneace Edna Karnes 20 Oct 1923
Stokes Bruce (Jr) Coleman 19 Dec 1923 Bruce Stokes Sr?
Stokes Carrie Grace Harris 19 Aug 1923
Stokes Catherine Harris 12 Jun 1923
Stokes Clayton Delroy Hill 20 Jan 1923
Stokes Dewery Smith 20 Apr 1923
Stokes Elizabth Lubbock 11 Oct 1923
Stokes John Holland Lynn 14 Sep 1923
Stokes Lawrence Morrison El Paso 17 Jun 1923
Stokes Leo Howard Harris 2 Aug 1923
Stokes Mary Francess Wichita 9 Jun 1923
Stokes Mary Jane Tarrant 30 Jul 1923
Stokes Sam Boydston Callahan 6 Feb 1923
Stokes Wilma Lee Jefferson 13 Jun 1923
Stoks ? Gray 14 Sep 1923 Claude Stokes
Stoks ? Wharton 13 Oct 1923 Frank J Stokes Jr

1924 Stokes and related births in Texas

Last Name First Name County DOB Sex Mother Father
Stokely ? Waller 24 May 1924 Felix Stokes
Stokely ? Limestone 29 Sep 1924 Loris Eugene Stokes
Stoker Edward Harrison 7 Aug 1924
Stoker Matte Lee Harrison 13 Feb 1924
Stokes ? Nacogdoches 28 Jan 1924 Albert Stokes
Stokes ? Rusk 21 Feb 1924 Duffie? Duffie Stokes?
Stokes ? Dallas 17 Dec 1924 Elsie Mae
Stokes ? Eastland 15 Aug 1924 Herschel V Stokes
Stokes ? Rusk 20 Jul 1924 John D Stokes
Stokes ? Scurry 10 Nov 1924 Sam O Stokes
Stokes ? Scurry 8 Sep 1924 W S Stokes
Stokes ? Dawson 11 Mar 1924 Wm (William) Henry Stokes
Stokes ? Fannin 16 Feb 1924
Stokes Albert Norris Cherokee 31 Mar 1924
Stokes Ellias Upshur 7 Oct 1924
Stokes Eugene Palo Pinto 26 Nov 1924
Stokes Henry Ford Bowie 10 Jul 1924
Stokes Herbert Emery (Jr) Lynn 6 Nov 1924 Herbert Emery Stokes Sr?
Stokes James Mitchell (Jr) Lamb 24 Feb 1924 James Mitchell Stokes Sr?
Stokes John Wesley Harrison 25 Nov 1924
Stokes Lena E Mitchell 7 Jan 1924
Stokes Mary Wilma Childress 24 Sep 1924
Stokes Minnie Mae Harris 9 Oct 1924
Stokes Oscar Polk 10 Dec 1924
Stokes Sherfield E Hill 4 Oct 1924
Stokey Bertram Wynne (Jr) Harris 20 Oct 1924 Bertram Wynne Stokey Sr?

1925 Stokes and related births in Texas

Last Name First Name County DOB Sex Mother Father
Stokely Laverne Childress 13 Sep 1925
Stoker ? Martin 9 Feb 1925 C W V? C W V Stokes?
Stoker ? Johnson 14 Sep 1925 H O? H O Stokes?
Stoker B O Hill 7 Feb 1925
Stoker Milton Cecil Hill 1 Jan 1925
Stoker W S Junior (spelled out) Hill 16 Feb 1925 W S Stoker Sr?
Stokes ? Dallas 3 Apr 1925 Bessie Beatrice
Stokes Evelyn Margaret Jefferson 20 Jan 1925
Stokes Florence Huntley Angelina 31 Mar 1925
Stokes Grady William Dallas 11 Jul 1925
Stokes Jimmie (Jr) Hill 13 Oct 1925 Jimmie Stokes Sr?
Stokes John Virgil Midland 11 Nov 1925
Stokes L D Smith 30 Dec 1925
Stokes Lonnie Kenneth Taylor 27 Mar 1925
Stokes Loran Carson 19 Aug 1925
Stokes Lovell Calvin Navarro 9 May 1925
Stokes Marvin Henderson Gray 23 Nov 1925
Stokes Norman Edward Upshur 12 Aug 1925
Stokes Odus Fred Eastland 2 Jun 1925
Stokes Orus Will Eastland 2 Jun 1925
Stokes Vivian Lamar 5 May 1925 Lillie Culver William J Stokes
Corrected by
Stokes Weldon Mitchell 29 Jan 1925
Stokes William Clayton Erath 28 Feb 1925
Stokes William Jackson Jefferson 17 Dec 1925
Stokes William Riley Bandera 10 Mar 1925
Stokes or Stoker Gye Harrison 25 Nov 1925
Stokey Doris Louise Dallas 10 Apr 1925
Stokse Clara Smith 27 Oct 1925

1926 Stokes and related births in Texas

Last Name First Name County DOB Sex Mother Father
Stocks ? Upton 2 Dec 1926 F Pearl McGaugh John Stocks
Stocks ? Cass 8 Jun 1926 M Pearl Stocks Dowlin Otis Stocks
Stoker Chaice Harrison 4 Jan 1926 M Clara Fields Drebon Stoker
Stoker Dickson Louis (III) Hidalgo 8 Mar 1926 M Frances Elizabeth Pierson D L Stoker Jr
Stoker Ed Harrison 18 Aug 1926 M Minnie Bee Field Monroe Stoker
Stoker Ernest Jackson Angelina 11 Dec 1926 M Myrtie (Myrtle?) Edna Bailey Mark William Stoker
Stoker Juanita Geraldine Parker 18 Oct 1926 F Geraldine Owen Jack Stedham Stoker
Stoker Ofelure Harrison 17 Jun 1926 F Birdie Bailey John W Stoker
Stoker William Luther Wilson 23 May 1926 M Annie Lee Johnson Luther Riley Stoker
Stokes ? Dawson 5 Mar 1926 F Annabelle White Newell Walton Stokes
Stokes ? Williamson 21 May 1926 F Bertina Cantu Rudolph Stokes
Stokes ? Lynn 10 Sep 1926 F Lamonia Sims W J Stokes
Stokes ? Hunt 23 Jul 1926 M Lila Mae Hunt Z O Stokes
Stokes Ana Lee Erath 22 Sep 1926 F Ruby Mayfield Hal Stokes
Stokes Delta Dorine Nacogdoches 24 May 1926 F Thelma Carroll Albert Stokes
Stokes Harry Turner El Paso 26 Jan 1926 M Louise Marie McKechen (McKechon?) Howard Turner (Terrence?) Stokes
Stokes James Terrence El Paso 26 Jan 1926 M Louise Marie McKechon (McKechen?) Howar Terrence (Turner?) Stokes
Stokes Joe Ann Lubbock 12 May 1926 F Mary Thaxton Hestand Govan Logan Stokes
Stokes Katherine Eastland 23 Oct 1926 F Elsie Farabee Bryan Stokes
Stokes L J Grimes 19 Oct 1926 M Cleophas Jones Lewis Stokes
Stokes Linda Beth Lamb 1 Jun 1926 F Pearl Elizabeth Loyd James Mitchell Stokes
Stokes Lonnie Clayton Crosby 15 Oct 1926 M Della Ellis George L Stokes
Stokes Lottie May Hopkins 8 Sep 1926 F Gugie Rockwall Lewis Stokes
Stokes Marie Wichita 20 Dec 1926 F Marie Katherine Michrelis Paul Bacon Stokes
Stokes Mary Alvada (Lebrune) Smith 19 Jul 1926 F Bennie Lucille Ridge Oliver G Stokes
Stokes Nola Pauline Dallas 13 Dec 1926 F Ruby Harkins Louis W Stokes
Stokes Opal Wood 10 Nov 1926 F Laura Hail Alvie Stokes
Stokes Ruby Elmagene Dallas 24 Apr 1926 F Ruby Beatrice Moore Elmer F Stokes
Stokes Ruffers Lee Harrison 12 Aug 1926 M Mattie B Rice George Stokes
Stokey Ernest William Harris 4 Aug 1926 M Mary Elizabeth Mann Bertram Wynne Stokey

1927 Stokes and related births in Texas

Last Name First Name County DOB Sex Mother Father
Stocks Ivan Wandel Upshur 21 Apr 1927 M Claudia Pearl Davis Robert Jack Stocks
Stocks Joan Drake Tom Green 13 Feb 1927 F Lois Elizabeth Drake Aubrey (Audrey?) Bank Stocks
Stokeley Rueben Douglas Montgomery 28 Apr 1927 M Viola Nieneyer Stevens A Douglas Stokeley
Stokely Albert Glyn Limestone 8 Dec 1927 M Callie Alice Brewer Louis Eugene Stokely
Stoker ? Nacogdoches 30 Sep 1927 M Cecile Whitmire Pinckard Stoker
Stoker ? Scurry 18 May 1927 M Eva May Bentley W S Stoker
Stoker C W Jr Tarrant 22 Aug 1927 M Rosa Strother C W Stoker
Stoker Lulla Harrison 5 May 1927 F Clara Fields Dreabon Stoker
Stokes ? Dallas 23 Oct 1927 F Lurine Townsend Jordon Stokes
Stokes ? Angelina 7 Jun 1927 M Margaret Matild(a?) Brookshaw Norman G Stokes
Stokes Dorothy Evelyn Wichita 23 Jan 1927 F Mary Kansas Holder Alfred Thomas Stokes
Stokes Elbert Franklin Lynn 24 May 1927 M Hattiebelle Holland J J Stokes
Stokes Ella Harrison 2 Sep 1927 M Olah Sawyer Charlie Stokes
Stokes Emma Elain Bandera 25 May 1927 F Eunice Teague(?) W R Stokes
Stokes Exie Marie Navarro 31 May 1927 F Exie Autry Geo. (George) W Stokes
Stokes Herbert Wayne Tarrant 1 Oct 1927 M Ruby Able H W Stokes
Stokes Howard Leaon Gray 21 Jun 1927 M Ora Strickland H L Stokes
Stokes Howard Paul Mitchell 31 May 1927 M Lillian Fuller E A Stokes
Stokes Hubert Eugene Jr Dallas 16 Aug 1927 M Bessie Ray Weeks Hubert Eugene Stokes Sr
Stokes James Tarrant 12 Jul 1927 F Molhe Page Ed Stokes
Stokes James Junior (spelled out) Wise 30 Jan 1927 M Mary Elizabet(h?) Castleberry James Stokes
Stokes Jo Ann Dallas 21 May 1927 F Bernice Anderson James Byron Stokes
Stokes Joe Minter (Mintor?) Wichita 2 Feb 1927 M Fannie Mintor (Minter?) Joe B Stokes Jr
Stokes Kenneth Leon Roy Fannin 29 Dec 1927 M Ollie Bell Shaw James Sanders Stokes
Stokes Lone B Erath 24 Dec 1927 M Jewell Fair Lone Stokes
Stokes Mary Lee (recorded 2x) Jefferson 19 Apr 1927 F Nettie Lee Stokes (?) William Stokes
Stokes Mary Lou Cherokee 2 Oct 1927 F Mary L Legg F W Stokes
Stokes Maxine Laverne Burleson 13 Mar 1927 F Gerdie Audrey Wolley Thomas L Stokes
Stokes Melmoth Young (III) Travis 5 Jan 1927 M Lawrence Thompson (?) M Y Stokes Jr (Melmoth Young Stokes Jr)
Stokes Opal Corine Bandera 2 Jan 1927 F Maude Kelly B H Stokes
Stokes Thelma Annie Mae Navarro 11 Feb 1927 F Thelma Ethel Ficklin Thomas Stokes
Stokley Lester Vaughn (Jr) Harris 9 Oct 1927 M Lucille Robertson Lester Vaughn Stokley
Stokley Mildred Upshur 14 Nov 1927 F Botha Stokley (?) Tom Stokes
Stokley Vera Lenora Waller 23 Jan 1927 F Mary Viola Davis Wayman Louis Stokley

1928 Stokes and related births in Texas

Last Name First Name County DOB Sex Mother Father
Stokely Paul Lincoln Wood 18 Mar 1928 M N L Hodges F M Stokely
Stoker Earl Calvin Rusk 21 Apr 1928 M Almettie Booth Bill Stoker
Stoker Edward Hill 10 Sep 1928 M Alice A McClure Winfield S Stoker
Stoker Edwin Hill 10 Sep 1928 M Alice A McClure Winfield Stoker
Stoker Fannie Harrison 16 Oct 1928 F Mattie B Wright George Stoker
Stoker Margaret Earle Dallas 18 Feb 1928 F Nettie Drake Dewey Stoker
Stoker Raymon Wichita 10 Jul 1928 M Elizabeth Worley I P Stoker
Stokes ? Lamb 8 Dec 1928 M Pearl Elizabeth Loyd James Mitchell Stokes
Stokes A J (Jr) Nacogdoches 13 Jun 1928 M Ollie Hodges A J Stokes Sr
Stokes Betty Jo Harris 24 Jan 1928 F Alvina Freeman Elmore Euing Stokes
Stokes Carl Dawson 23 Jan 1928 M Ruthie Gray W H Stokes
Stokes Doris Aline Harris 16 Dec 1928 F Clara Maud Baskin Charlie Clayton Stokes
Stokes Earl Smith 21 Oct 1928 M Agnes Vern Gamble Wm (William) Robert Stokes
Stokes Glendora Grimes 31 Oct 1928 F Ella May Howard Eugene Stokes
Stokes Hal D Erath 7 Jun 1928 M Ruby Mayfield Hal Stokes
Stokes Helen Ruth Jefferson 27 Nov 1928 F Elma Wooley G C Stokes
Stokes Jerold Taylor 3 Apr 1928 M Arleen McDonold H G Stokes
Stokes Joreen Mildred Wood 1 Aug 1928 F Lara E Stokes (?) Alva Stokes
Stokes Mary Edith Eastland 12 Mar 1928 F Irene Middleton R L Stokes
Stokes Mozelle Lynn 10 May 1928 F Levonia Sims Will Joe Stokes
Stokes Norma Gene Hunt 15 May 1928 F Lula May Stokes Hunt Zepha D Stokes
Stokes Patsy Ruth Trinity 13 Jul 1928 F Beulah Breazeale Hayne (Wayne?) Helms Stokes
Stokes Richard Lynn Fannin 10 Aug 1928 M Mattie Carver Fletcher Stokes
Stokes Robert Lee Angelina 21 Mar 1928 M Calle Irene Ashworth Claude Lois Stokes
Stokes Sammie Louise Dallas 12 Dec 1928 F Louise Powell Arnold F Stokes

1929 Stokes and related births in Texas

Last Name First Name County DOB Sex Mother Father
Stokeld Betty Sue Jefferson 6 Dec 1929 F Minnie Pearl McGee Leroy Theodore Stokeld
Stokely Bettie Marie Harris 21 Sep 1929 F Marie Atwood Ruben J Stokely
Stoker ? Gregg 4 Jul 1929 M Saphronie Sibley George W Stoker
Stoker Carroll Eugene Dallas 19 Nov 1929 M Geneva Clemon Sale Lewis Alonzo Stoker
Stoker Jack Harold Tarrant 22 Mar 1929 M Blanch Hall Forrest Stoker
Stoker Martha Anne Dallas 8 Aug 1929 F catherine Goodloe Herschell Stoker
Stoker Roy Eldon Bowie 26 Mar 1929 M Ollie Braswell Don A Stoker
Corrected by Roy's son
Stokes ? Nacogdoches 4 Jun 1929 M Ethel Askins Ellis Stokes
Stokes ? Gray 11 Oct 1929 M Ora Strickland W L Stokes
Stokes ? Hunt 15 Oct 1929 M Lillie Bee Bowers Jonthan Clenar Stokes
Stokes ? Falls 7 May 1929 M Anna Bell Franklin Sam Stokes
Stokes Ardie Harris 5 Jun 1929 M Lillie Perkins Mike Stokes
Stokes Arthur Lee Dawson 20 Mar 1929 M Leola Cozart Arthur H Stokes
Stokes Babrene Marion 30 Aug 1929 F Jewell Hoegood E H Stokes
Stokes Billy Jr (William J Jr) Lamar 30 Sep 1929 M Lillie Culver William J Stokes Sr
Corrected by
Stokes Bobbie Franklin Briscoe 7 Feb 1929 M Dellie Ellis Geo. (George) L Stokes
Stokes Bobby Lenord Nacogdoches 21 Jan 1929 M Wylma Murphy R D Stokes
Stokes Boby Lee Lynn 24 Oct 1929 M Eula Lee Gardenhire Robert Stokes
Stokes Clayton Harris 14 Dec 1929 M Clara Maud Baskin Charlie Clayton Stokes
Stokes Clemmie Jr Harris 7 Dec 1929 M Beatrice Walter Clemmie Stokes Jr (presumably now Sr)
Stokes Edly Louise Mitchell 18 Aug 1929 F Lillian Fullen E A Stokes
Stokes Gilbert Lee Eastland 4 Jan 1929 M Elsie Farabee Bryan Stokes
Stokes Jose Bexar 1 Mar 1929 M Martina C Stokes(?) Arnulfo Stokes
Stokes Joseph Baker Lynn 8 Mar 1929 M Hattie Bell Holland John J Stokes
Stokes Malcom James Johnson 15 Jun 1929 M Viola Julia Artlit(?) M A Stokes
Stokes Marion Lee Wise 27 Jan 1929 M Mary Elizabet(h?) Castleberry James R Stokes
Stokes Mary Kathrin Wheeler 27 Sep 1929 F Katharino Henderson Ray Stokes
Stokes Mayme Caudle Lamar 1 Dec 1929 F Sadie Katherine Caudle Lloyd E Stokes
Stokes Royce Durell Tarrant 20 Oct 1929 F Dimple Ogden Gross Roy Stokes
Stokes Wanda Dawson 9 Aug 1929 F Jesse Donaldson C W N Stokes
Stokes Willie Navarro 6 Aug 1929 M Willie V Ross (Boss?) (?) Willie Stokes
Stokes Willie Dora Elizabeth Fannin 29 Dec 1929 F Floy Verdell Strickland W C Stokes
Stokes Winnie Lee San Patricio 19 Dec 1929 F Iola G Wright J L Stokes
Stokesberry Jesse Forrest Harris 29 May 1929 M Mary Levlert John Forrest Stokesberry
Stokley ? Wood 16 Jul 1929 M Ola Mae Brown Willie Lee Stokes
Stokley Leveta Marie Liberty 13 Feb 1929 F Ruth Leveta Breneman Arnett D Stokley

1930 Stokes and related births in Texas

Last Name First Name County DOB Sex Mother Father
Stokely Beulah Mae Limestone 13 May 1930 F Callie Alice Brewer Loris Eugene Stokely
Stoker Billie Jeane Shelby 5 Sep 1930 F Ollie B Thomas Ellis Stoker
Stoker Janice Lucile Haskell 13 Nov 1930 M Birdie Baily J W Stoker
Stoker Lilian Harrison 24 Apr 1930 F Mattie B Rights George Stoker
Stoker Willie Lois Gregg 21 Apr 1930 F Almeadie Booze Billie Stoker
Stokes ? Tarrant 27 Dec 1930 F Ruby Wane E F Stokes
Stokes ? Dallas 2 Apr 1930 F Bernice Montfort James Byran Stokes
Stokes ? Smith 22 Mar 1930 F Roxie Smith Nathen
Stokes Alice Pauline Polk 13 Mar 1930 F Ada Stokes J W Stokes
Stokes Audell Ray Jefferson 11 oct 1930 M Bula Catherine Randel Ernest Willie Stokes
Stokes Benny Morris Navarro 13 Sep 1930 M Mabel V Merideth K H Stokes
twin - Betsy Doris Stokes
Stokes Betsy Doris Navarro 13 Sep 1930 F Mabel V Merideth K H Stokes
twin - Benny Morris Stokes
Stokes Carl Nacogdoches 3 Oct 1930 M Ethel Askins Ellis Stokes
Stokes Christine Trinity 13 Aug 1930 F Callie Ashworth Claude Lois Stokes
Stokes Earl Edward Williamson 25 Jun 1930 M Effie Elizabeth Warren Carl Newman Stokes
Stokes Ella Eugene Harris 7 Apr 1930 F Claudine Noonon George G Stokes
Stokes Garnett Dale Maverick 24 Jul 1930 M Beatrice Wiley W D Stokes
twin - Ruth Ell Stokes
Stokes George Creighton Jefferson 22 Dec 1930 M Commelia Richardson John J Stokes
Stokes Gwendolyn June Harris 23 Jun 1930 F Albina Freeman Elmore Ewing Stokes
Stokes Herman L (Jr) Runnels 15 Jul 1930 M Dora M Lange Herman L Stokes (Sr?)
Stokes Johnny Ray Hunt 4 May 1930 M Lillie May Hunt Zepha Dean Stokes
Stokes L Wander Wood 17 Jun 1930 M Lydia Luciel Taylor John Wesley Stokes
Stokes Leroy Harris 12 Jan 1930 M Minnie Gallaher Fred Stokes
Stokes Mervin Ray Lubbock 26 Jul 1930 M Hazel Owens Mervin Clyde Stokes
Stokes Millard Kermit Grayson 28 Feb 1930 M Ollie Bell Shaw J S Stokes
Stokes Patricia Jeanette Bandera 10 Jul 1930 F Eunice Teague William Ryle Stokes
Stokes Raymond Lee Bexar 23 Jan 1930 M Mary Stokes
Stokes Ruby Jeanne Taylor 29 Jul 1930 F Ruby Lou Stokes Herbert Emery Stokes
Stokes Ruth Ell Maverick 24 Jul 1930 F Beatrice Wiley W D Stokes
twin - Garnett Dale Stokes
Stokes Thomas Gene Wood 28 Apr 1930 M Ruby Hinson Luther B Stokes
Stokes Thomas LLoyd Burleson 17 Mar 1930 M Gertie Andrey Holley Thomas Littleton Stokes
Stokes Valentine Cherokee 14 Feb 1930 F Bennie Ridge Oliver Stokes
Stokes Virginia Carroll Navarro 31 Jul 1930 F Nettie Marie Bennett Charles Burton Stokes
Stokes Winston Lee Harris 21 Sep 1930 M Margurite Herchel Johnson Winston Ledow Stokes
Stokley Elnora Irene Waller 13 Dec 1930 F Ruth Leveta Breneman Arnett D Stokley
Stokley Evlys Marie Wood 6 Mar 1930 F Flora M Stewart E W Stokley

1931 Stokes and related births in Texas

Last Name First Name County DOB Sex Mother Father
Stokely F A Waller 29 Apr 1931 M Viola Davis wayman Stokely
Stokely Kenneth Wayne Wichita 30 Jun 1931 M Lillie Frances Herbert Luther Holland Stokely
Stokenberry Allen (Jr) Marion 23 Dec 1931 M Eula Mae Walker Allen Stokenberry
Stoker ? Angelina 15 Mar 1931 F Myrtie Bailey M W Stoker
Stoker ? Throckmorton 11 Sep 1931 M Ruthie Hereford Taf Stoker
Stoker Aubrey Kent Throckmorton 11 Sep 1931 M Ruthie J Hurford E T Stoker
Stoker Betty Ruth Nacogdoches 15 Mar 1931 F Cecile Whitmire James Pinkard Stoker
Stoker Billy Joe Delta 24 Oct 1931 M Margaret Loucret Sockwell Oliver Louis Stoker
Stoker Bobbie Lou Bowie 12 Mar 1931 F Lucille White Morris Ernest Stoker
Stoker Faydelle Harris 22 Jan 1931 F Wylie Glass Roy E Stoker
Stoker Kathrine Harrison 11 Aug 1931 F Mattie B Stoker George Stoker
Stoker Richard Lee Scurry 20 Jul 1931 M Luella Brice Guy Stoker
Stoker Tommie Ann Tarrant 6 Sep 1931 F Rena Adelene Jones Thomas Jefferson Stoker
Stokes ? Gray 6 Jan 1931 F Helen Graham W C Stokes
Stokes ? Scurry 2 Jul 1931 F Eva Bentley W S Stokes
Stokes ? Lubbock 13 Mar 1931 M Lyvonie Sims Will Joe Stokes
Stokes ? Angelina 11 Dec 1931 M Margie Matilda Brookshire Norman G Stokes
Stokes Amelo Taylor 4 Feb 1931 M Aurelia Bernal Nickol Stokes
Stokes Audrey May Fannin 20 Oct 1931 F Mattie Carver Fletcher Stokes
Stokes Bettie Joyce Harris 31 Mar 1931 F Gladys Lewis Leroy Stokes
Stokes Billie Eugene Eastland 20 Sep 1931 M Marie Haven Arthur Wilson Stokes
Stokes Daisy Mae Harris 24 Feb 1931 F Beatrice Walton Clemmie Stokes
Stokes Donald Jim Marion 26 Jun 1931 M Jewel Stargood Eugene Stokes
Stokes Dorothy Ellen Jefferson 13 Apr 1931 F Nettie Lee William Stokes
Stokes El Wanda Taylor 24 oct 1931 F Ruby May Stokes John B Webster
Stokes Ellen Pauline Polk 2 Feb 1931 F Envie Lee Lock Charley Joseph Stokes
Stokes Feydel Dewitt 8 Jan 1931 F Jennie Maxey Leslie N Stokes
Stokes Frank Leo Comanche 28 Jul 1931 M Willie May Leonard L E Stokes
Stokes Glendon Leo Wood 28 Jul 1931 M Leona Hallqyist Hollis Preston Stokes
Last name of mother is as it appears in the Texas Birth Index
Stokes Jimmy Carrol Dallas 21 Dec 1931 M Leola Cozart Arthur H Stokes
Stokes Kathryn Ernestine Jefferson 5 Dec 1931 F Beulah Katherine Randel Ernest Willie Stokes
Stokes Kenneth I Wise 24 Aug 1931 M Mary Elizabet(h?) Castleberry James Roark
Middle name of mother may have been cut off
Stokes Luther Harrison 9 Nov 1931 M Minnie Bee Field Munroe Stokes
Stokes Margaret Lillian Wichita 16 Oct 1931 F Ethel Emma Mary Johnson Ernest John Stokes
Stokes Mary Josephine Uvalde 10 Aug 1931 F mary Mathilda Stewart Samuel Wesley Stokes
Stokes Pauline Henderson 24 Mar 1931 F Dora Lee Davis Earl Stokes
Stokes Willie B Falls 5 Jan 1931 M Anna Bell Franklin Sam Stokes
Stokes Woodrow Wilson Angelina 11 Dec 1931 M Margie Matilda Brookshire Norman G Stokes

1932 Stokes and related births in Texas

Last Name First Name County DOB Sex Mother Father
Stocks Douglas Roscoe (Jr) Dallas 4 Sep 1932 M Melba Marguerite Griffin Douglas Roscoe Stocks
Stocks Wanda Elizabeth Haskell 22 Apr 1932 F Lydie Dake A E Stocks
Stokely Franklin Wayne Limestone 26 Nov 1932 M Callie Alice Brewer Loris E Stokely
Stoker ? Henderson 17 Oct 1932 M Vera Lavonia Gartman Paul Jones Stoker
Stoker Adrian Dallas Henderson 3 Jan 1932 M Clara Mae Bass Martin Dies Stoker
Stoker Bobie Jean Nacogdoches 4 Sep 1932 F Bessie Dean R E Stoker
Stoker Eddie Wharton 3 Jul 1932 M Annie Mae Carter Eddie Stoker
Stoker Etgar Harrison 30 Oct 1932 M Bertie Baily J W Stoker
Stoker Jo Ann Bowie 31 Aug 1932 F Ollie B Braswell Don Arnold Stoker
Stokes ? Shelby 18 Jun 1932 M Ollie B Thomas Ellis Stokes
Stokes ? Wichita 22 Jul 1932 F Leatha Birchfield B B Stokes
Stokes ? Cameron 22 Mar 1932 F Evie Lee Locke C I Stokes
Stokes Billie Dale Navarro 15 Oct 1932 M Exie Autry George W Stokes
Stokes Dorthey Marie Cottle 19 Dec 1932 F Jesse Favens H C Stokes
Stokes Edward Nacogdoches 14 Sep 1932 M Thelma Carroll Albert Stokes
Stokes Elizabeth Melvina Jefferson 8 Mar 1932 F Katherine Goft Norman Ezelle Stokes
Stokes Elva Vivian Harris 3 Dec 1932 F Hilda Vera Hickman Alvin Octavius Stokes
Stokes Hazel Pauline Red River 23 Mar 1932 F Geneva cleman Sale Lewis A Stokes
Stokes Herman Ray Harris 16 Oct 1932 M Margaret Morrow Walter Stokes
Stokes Homer Lione Wood 16 Dec 1932 M Lora Hale Oliver Stokes
stokes Laura Elizabeth Wichita 20 Oct 1932 F Emma Taylor Hosleins Charles Gregg Stokes
Stokes Lavon San Patricio 18 Sep 1932 F Iola Wright J L Stokes
Stokes Lawrence Lee Mitchell 23 Feb 1932 M Lillian Fuller Ed Stokes
Stokes Morris Thomas Wise 4 Apr 1932 M Augie Victoria Gober Morris Bradley Stokes
Stokes Robert Arlen Scurry 20 Jun 1932 M Vallie May Robinson Sam Stokes
Stokes Roy E (Jr) Harris 3 Jun 1932 M Nylie Glass Ray E Stokes (Sr?)
Stokes Ted Roland Jefferson 27 Nov 1932 M Beulah Katherine Randel Ernest Willie Stokes
Stokes Tessie Julia Falls 21 Feb 1932 F Lee Anna Stokes
Stokes William Leon Dallas 8 Apr 1932 M Callie Moss George Leon Stokes
Stokes William Richard Scurry 15 Sep 1932 M Dimple Gross Roy Stokes
Stokley ? Wood 17 Jun 1932 F Ola Mae Brewer Willie Lee Stokley

1935 Stokes and related births in Texas

Last Name First Name County DOB Sex Mother Father
Stokely ? Limestone 27 Jan 1935 M Callie Alice Bremer Louis E Stokely
Stoker ? Eastland 26 Jul 1935 M Ada Nell Teague Frank B Stoker
Stoker ? Upshur 22 Sep 1935 F Nettie Ruth Norman Stoker
Stoker ? Nacogdoches 27 Aug 1935 F Bessie Dean R E Stoker Jr.
Stoker Charles A (Jr) Tarrant 9 Nov 1935 M Lois Mittie Ingle Charles A Stoker
Stoker Charles Gorman Tarrant 31 May 1935 M Jewel Basham Gorman Bailey Stoker
Stoker Dan Tom Haskell 7 Sep 1935 M Catherene Crandall W P Stoker
Stoker Doris Lee Nacogdoches 11 Mar 1935 F Cecil Whitmire J P Stoker
Stoker James Thomas Harrison 15 Apr 1935 M Mattie B Mason George Stoker
Stoker Jimmie Dean Bowie 28 Jul 1935 M Lucile White Morris Ernest Stoker
Stoker Joyce Marie Henderson 18 Feb 1935 F Vera Gartman Paul Jones Stoker
Stoker Kenneth Lloyd Armstrong 3 Aug 1935 M Oleta Holman J D Stoker
Stoker Leon Ross Hill 11 May 1935 M Elizabeth McClure Melvin C Stoker
Stoker Mary Kathryn Smith 1 Oct 1935 F Kathryn Harrison Lois Benjiman Stoker
Stoker Ural Wayne Wood 30 Jun 1935 M Jennie Lorene White David Wade Stoker
Stokes ? Angelina 27 Jul 1935 M Ethelene Bennett Thomas Marshall Stokes
Stokes Betty Sue Collin 5 May 1935 F Olive Wetsel D C Stokes
Stokes Billie Charles Smith 29 Mar 1935 M V L Williams Robert Stokes
Stokes Carroll Ray Wise 2 Oct 1935 M Eva Belle Shipley Elzie Ray Stokes
Stokes Della Lou Gregg 17 Jan 1935 F Pauline Wilson Raymond Stokes
Stokes Donna Coleman 5 Mar 1935 F Vera Bennett Cecil C Stokes
Stokes Dorothy Ruth Potter 8 Feb 1935 F Laura Mae Qualls David Alfred Stokes
Stokes Dorris Louise Smith 2 Nov 1935 F Jewel Curtis W C Stokes
Stokes Fred Allen Taylor 7 Jul 1935 M Lilly Bernard Nicolas Stokes
Stokes George David Crosby 12 Jun 1935 M Dollie Ellis George Stokes
Stokes Hazel Henderson 26 Nov 1935 F Dora Davis Earl Stokes
Stokes J C Polk 20 Apr 1935 M Ervil Lee Locke Charlie Joseph Stokes
Stokes Johnie Lee Marion 8 Oct 1935 M Dorothy McMurtrary Lloyd Stokes
Stokes Lee Roy Austin 24 Jan 1935 M Birda Lee Rogers Ennis Stokes
Stokes Loretta Marie Harris 27 May 1935 F Ardena Pearl Ryan Stokes
Stokes Margret Virginia Eastland 24 Jun 1935 F Wiley Beatrice William Dale Stokes
Stokes Melvin Ralph Fannin 16 Jan 1935 M Marie Caldwell W C Stokes
Stokes Rachel Elizabeth Tarrant 22 Aug 1935 F Edna B Moore Robert H Stokes
Stokes Robert Harold Navarro 19 Sep 1935 M Mildred Carroll Glyn W Stokes
Stokes Robert Stanley Smith 24 Aug 1935 M Willie Grace Stokes
Stokes Virginia Rose Hopkins 11 Sep 1935 F Vergie Lee Miles Louis Stokes
Stokesberry Anna Bell Harris 4 Nov 1935 F Mary Jolent Ivey John Forrest Stokesberry
Stokley W J Waller 18 Apr 1935 M Edna Earl Clipper Edgar T Stokely
Stokley Walter Arnett Waller 5 Jan 1935 M Ruth Leveta Brenlinger Arnett D Stokley

1947 Stokes and related births in Texas

Last Name First Name County DOB Sex Mother Father
Stokely Reuben Jay (III) Lynn 16 Mar 1947 M Rose Marie Aston Reuben Jay Stokely Jr
Stoker Billie Louise Ector 14 Jul 1947 F Cleo Rossum Billy Stoker
Stoker Carl Edward Young 11 Oct 1947 M La Venree Steadham Calvin Carl Stoker
Stoker Forrest Gary (III) Tarrant 21 Apr 1947 M Ollie May Simmon Forrest Stoker Jr
Stoker Janetta Jo Marion 14 Nov 1947 F Janette McMorrough Samuel Dale Stoker
Stoker Joe Tommy Howard 16 Oct 1947 M Orpha Smith Aaron David Stoker
Stoker Ocie (Jr) Upshur 10 Jul 1947 M Mary Davis Ocie Stoker (Sr?)
Stoker Rayburn Lee Harrison 12 Jul 1947 M Hester E Williams Raybur Stoker
Stoker Welton Harrison 24 Nov 1947 M Valarie Brown John W Stoker
Stokes ? Taylor 17 Jan 1947 M Mozel Elizabeth Prator Pender Robert Stokes
Stokes Aden William Anderson 26 Jan 1947 M Dora Lee Davis Earl W Stokes
Stokes Barry Glenn Harris 29 Jun 1947 M Nellie Jo Devers Leo Howard Stokes
Stokes Beverely Ann Mitchell 29 Jul 1947 F Evelyn Lula Smith Max Howell Stokes
Stokes Bobbie Carol Cherokee 19 Aug 1947 F Lela Mae Purdy John B Stokes
Stokes Carla Elaine Wise 19 Sep 1947 F Maxine Jennings Oscar Alexander Stokes
Stokes Carol Jeanne Wichita 14 Mar 1947 F Frances Jeanne Baker William Carroll Stokes
Stokes Cathy Ann Harris 30 Jul 1947 F Mary Frances Grimes Vernon Fred Stokes
Stokes Cathy Dianne Tarrant 26 Nov 1947 F Ona Lee Galloway Jack Lewis Stokes
Stokes Charles Thomas Jefferson 26 Dec 1947 M Carol Loucks Altus McCullough Stokes
Stokes Danny Glen Scurry 13 Nov 1947 M Bobbie Gene Pierce Homer Glen Stokes
Stokes Dean Printiss Hunt 28 Sep 1947 M Easter Lou McGowan Billy Fred Stokes
Stokes Diane Elizabth Smith 3 Jul 1947 F Juanelle Knowles Dewey Stokes
Stokes Donnie Mack Dawson 15 Mar 1947 M Ioma Ollie Page Newell Baker Stokes
Stokes Dora Charlotte Dallas 17 Dec 1947 F Jenny Josie Cain Lynn Owen Stokes
Stokes Elizabeth Ruth Anderson 18 Feb 1947 F Rabel Alyne Couch Jack Charles Stokes
Stokes Galyn Kay Hutchinson 13 Mar 1947 F Helen Ruth Hamil Robert Ray Stokes
Stokes Gary Joe Wise 19 Nov 1947 M Ola Mae Trotter J E Stokes
Stokes Gary Wayne Smith 23 Nov 1947 M Betty Dave Truman La Verne Stokes
Stokes Gaylon Carter Bexar 26 Aug 1947 M Verna Mae Farris B C Stokes
Stokes Herbert William Ector 20 Mar 1947 M Jacqueline Mae Eliassen Robert Stokes
Stokes James Carr Val Verde 25 Mar 1947 M Irene Carr William Bayord Stokes
Stokes James Elton Dallas 9 Dec 1947 M Mary Elizabeth Lockie David Alexander Stokes
Stokes James Thomas Bexar 18 Nov 1947 M Mary Hutchison James L Stokes
Stokes Janelle Harris 20 Nov 1947 F Mary Etta Parnell Edward Lee Stokes
Stokes Jean Charlene Bexar 22 Oct 1947 F Ollie Olitha Koonce Charles Clayton Stokes
Stokes Jerry Don Dallas 3 Nov 1947 M Betty Jean Harris John Wesley Stokes
Stokes Joe Daniel (III) Jefferson 3 Dec 1947 M Bernadine Alice Brady Joe D Stokes Jr
Stokes John Emmett Travis 29 Nov 1947 M Bendella Amilda Olson Thomas Goodwin Stokes
Stokes Kathy Sue Walker 7 Feb 1947 F Erma Lee Channel J B Stoke
Stokes Larry Bob Lamb 16 May 1947 M dorothy Francis Wren Robert Dee Stokes Jr
Stokes Larry Dale Dallas 21 Jul 1947 M Thelma Elizabeth Arnold L D Stokes
Stokes Lee van Vechten Bexar 18 May 1947 F Virginia Lee Bussa Harry Russell Stokes Jr
Stokes Margaret Anne Bexar 2 Dec 1947 F Lillian Helen Sailer Melmoth Young Stokes Jr
Stokes Melvin Ray Palo Pinto 14 May 1947 M Verda Mitchell Ben Franklin Stokes
Stokes Michael Len Gray 16 Sep 1947 M Ruthie Lee Weldon Dail Edward Stokes
Stokes Nola Kay Hockley 10 Mar 1947 F Alma Rachel Copeland Scott Smith Stokes
Stokes Otis Hamlin Junior (spelled out) Jefferson 9 Jun 1947 M Cora Margaret Carruthers Otis Hamlin Stokes
Stokes Owen Gordon Wichita 2 Jul 1947 M Mary Owens Bragg Gordon Stokes
Stokes Patsy Ann Bee 22 Oct 1947 F Rosa Graham Leslie Newton Stokes
Stokes Robert Morrison Harris 26 Apr 1947 M Eugenia Palmer Lawrence Morrison Stokes
Stokes Ronald Alan Navarro 24 Nov 1947 M Ethelyn Bronner Curtis Meredith Stokes
Stokes Sandra Jim Wells 8 Apr 1947 F Constance Joye Rouse Fred Stokes Jr
Stokes Sandra Kay Dallas 14 Mar 1947 F Alice Iretta Morgan Bobbie Jack Stokes
Stokes Sue Ann Smith 2 Jun 1947 F Lillie Murl Beard John Billy Stokes
Stokes William Jerome Jefferson 6 May 1947 M Margaretta Murphree Jerome Marion Stokes
Stokes William Lee Harrison 15 Nov 1947 M Rosie Lee Nash Nelson Stokes
Stokes William Needham (III) Dallas 15 Sep 1947 M Georgia Maxine Parker William Neeham Stokes Jr
Stokes William Thomas Brazos 14 Apr 1947 M Ardena Pearl Ryan Will Tom Stokes
Stokesberry Joyce Ann Brazoria 18 Dec 1947 F Curtise Lee Brantley Robert Lee Stokesberry
Stokley Donald Earl Harris 6 Mar 1947 M Edna Earl Clepper Edgar Thomas Stokley
*twin of Ronald Merle Stokley
Stokley Lawrence Edward Tarrant 4 Nov 1947 M Jane Alee Feeler Guy MacTaggart Stokley
Stokley Ronald Merle Harris 6 Mar 1947 M Edna Earl Clepper Edgar Thomas Stokley
*twin of Donald Earl Stokley

1948 Stokes and related births in Texas

Last Name First Name County DOB Sex Mother Father
Stokely Kenneth George Harris 4 sep 1948 M Florence Leona Sorensen Paul Warner Stokely
Stokely Steve Refugio 2 Feb 1948 M Mary Ann Rystad Charles Anthony Stokely
Stoker Carolyn Jeanette Wichita 25 Feb 1948 F Thelma Pope William E Stoker
Stoker Dickson Louis (IV) Hutchinson 5 Oct 1948 M Sylvia Pearl Scott Dickson Louis Stoker III
Stoker Evona Lee Young 14 Aug 1948 F Iva Frances Gatlin Robert Lee Stoker
Stoker Harold Rae Stephens 21 Mar 1948 M Evelyn Johnson Willie Been Stoker
Stoker Henry Calvin (Jr) Gregg 24 Nov 1948 M Doris Hawkins Henry C Stoker
Stoker Janis Kay Ector 12 Jun 1948 F Juanita Hazle John Pilgrim Stoker Jr
Stoker Johnnie Robert Harrison 24 Jan 1948 M Arthur Ree Jackson?
Stoker Johnny Charles Tarrant 24 Jun 1948 M Martha Dale Smith B C Stoker
Stoker Linda Lee Tom Green 14 Apr 1948 F Susan Dewar Terras Ford George Burton Stoker
Stoker Loretta Harrison 16 Feb 1948 F Valrie JOhnson George Stoker
Stoker Mary Elaine Upshur 22 Jul 1948 F Mary Crowe Edward Stoker
Stoker Pamela Anne Harris 8 Oct 1948 F Mildred Lillian Lumpkin Estel Bonno Stoker
Stoker Ronnie H Harris 19 Jan 1948 M Betty Jean McKely Rennie Henry Stoker
Stoker Ruth Harrison 10 Dec 1948 F Gracie Willis John H Stoker
Stoker Sandra Val Verde 5 Nov 1948 F Iris Faye Stegall Felix Tucker Stoker
Stoker Susan Myrl Taylor 17 Nov 1948 F Bonnie Leona Miller Melvin Eugene Stoker
Stokes Anitta Hopkins 3 Jan 1948 F Barbella Petty Anthony Namon Stokes
Stokes Bennie Dean Palo Pinto 13 Jun 1948 M Verda Arlean Mitchell Ben Franklin Stokes
Stokes Betty Jo Dewitt 16 Jul 1948 F Mary Pokluda Alvin B Stokes
Stokes Billy Keith Carson 23 Jun 1948 M Alene White Lonnie Clayton Stokes
Stokes Bruce Baker Bexar 10 Jun 1948 M Edna Johanna William Collins Stokes
Stokes Catherine Lavern Smith 30 Nov 1948 F Bettye Jayne Andrews Truman L Stokes
Stokes Danny Mack Wilbarger 5 Sep 1948 M Lillian Bernice Wesson Orville Lee Stokes
Stokes Danny Pierce Potter 29 Jan 1948 M Barbara Ruth Henderson Claude Cecil Stokes
Stokes Dorothy Mae Jefferson 19 Apr 1948 F Ida Maedelle Gorhan James Edgar Stokes
Stokes Edwin Glenn Smith 2 Aug 1948 M Juanell Knowles Dewey Fred Stokes
Stokes Elgin Wesley Dallas 22 May 1948 M Mae Wilma Johnson Melvin

1990 Stokes and related births in Texas

Last Name First Name County DOB Sex Mother Father
Clark-Stokes Sabrina Rashion Denton 8 Aug 1990 F Sandra Renee Stokes Dirk Elliot Clark
Stocker Benjamin Floyd Dallas 15 Nov 1990 M Carolyn Sue Gilmore Troy Edward Stocker
Stocker Blake Dan'l Denton 17 Apr 1990 M Melanie Michelle Stocker James Dan'l Housden
Stocker Christan Ryan Harris 8 May 1990 M Elvia Morin Rudolf Stocker
Stocker Cody Allen Denton 13 Dec 1990 M Laura Kay Hatcher Kevin Kyle Stocker
Stocker Jonathan Albert Dallas 18 Oct 1990 M Darlene Inez Reynolds Earnest Eugene Stocker, Jr
Stocker Virginia Leigh Tarrant 21 Sep 1990 F Diane Dietz Charles William I Stocker
Stocks Keith O'Bryann Bell 23 oct 1990 M Dawn Patrice Matthews Brian Keith Stocks
Stocks Megan Lindsey Jefferson 2 Jun 1990 F Kimberly Kaye Barnard Tony Xavier Stocks
Stocks Peyton Thomas Harris 10 Nov 1990 M Melissa Beth Smith
Stocks Richelle Montriece Bell 12 Jun 1990 F Terecie Montriece Mayes Richard LeHenry Stocks
Stocks Samantha Mae Marion 15 Dec 1990 F Christy Ann Krepps
twin - Samuel Jay Stocks
Stocks Samuel Jay Marion 15 Dec 1990 M Christy Ann Krepps
twin - Samantha Mae Stocks
Stokeld Richard Carter Dallas 27 Nov 1990 M Sonya Faye Allen Brian Eugene Stokeld
Stoker Clinton Bailey Tarrant 23 Feb 1990 M Tammy Ann Stillwell Stephen Bailey Stoker
Stoker Elizabeth Hope Tarrant 6 Dec 1990 F Kellie Gayle Musick Warren Scott Stoker
Stoker Erek Blayne Erath 1 Mar 1990 M Sarah Michele Chew Marten Sietse Stoker
Stoker Jace Don Williamson 21 Mar 1990 M Deena Rae Despain Johnnie M Stoker
Stoker Jordan Carl Tarrant 29 Oct 1990 M Michelle Kathleen Brennan Darryl Wayne Stoker
Stoker Keith Levon (II) Dallas 11 Aug 1990 M Joycelette S Simmons
Stoker Samantha Renee Stephens 14 May 1990 F Kerri Denee Plumlee William Ray Stoker
Stoker Shelby Lauren Dallas 19 Apr 1990 F Robyne Jo'An Edwards Bradley Reed Stoker
Stoker Taylor Bursh'a Gregg 5 Aug 1990 F Demetria Lynn Stoker
Stoker Trevin Dwayne Dallas 12 Oct 1990 M Teresa Elaine Childs
Stokes Aaron Michael El Paso 13 Aug 1990 M Ruby Ann Arzola William Melvin Stokes II
twin - William Anthony Stokes
Stokes Adam Wesley Harris 27 Aug 1990 M Kimberly Sue Burnett Macon Wesley Stokes
Stokes Alan James Harris 13 Jun 1990 M Kellie Lee Green Craig Allen Stokes
Stokes Alexandra Claire Tarrant 27 Aug 1990 F Julia Ann Steele John Howard Stokes
Stokes Alexandra Dominique Tarrant 27 Dec 1990 F Charlotte Ann Erwin Thomas Wayne Stokes
Stokes Alysha Gayle Hood 6 Mar 1990 F Rebecca mae DeLaughter David Allen Stokes
Stokes Amandalie Kaye Gregg 19 May 1990 F Dana Lynn Dutsch Curtis Lynn Till
Stokes Andrew La'Mone El Paso 31 Aug 1990 M Angela Laverne Heard Mar'Kieth La'Mone
Stokes Ashley Lauren Harris 6 Apr 1990 F Kimberly Ann Riddle Daniel Wayne Stokes
Stokes Ashley Megan Gray 24 Apr 1990 F Shanna Denine Montgomery Eric Lee Stokes
Stokes Brett Anthony Bexar 8 Oct 1990 M Vanessa Garcia Christopher Michae(l?) Stokes
Stokes Bryan Anthony Wise 24 Aug 1990 M Judy Irene Dickenson Michael Wayne Stokes
Stokes Callee Jean Ector 20 Sep 1990 F Rhonda Kim Crawford Bobby Eugene Stokes
Stokes Chantal Laraine Harris 30 Nov 1990 F Suzanne Eileen Soyal Ronald Wayne Stokes
Stokes Christon Joseph Dallas 28 Jun 1990 M Denise Stokes
Stokes Clinton Truett Hunt 12 Sep 1990 M Pamela Ann Kalisek Jeffrey Truett Stokes
Stokes Cody Allan Bell 28 Feb 1990 M Nanette Miche(lle?) Wilganowski Michael Charles Stokes
Stokes Cullen Blane Nacogdoches 13 Jul 1990 M Alicia Dawn mcRae Kipp J Stokes
Stokes Curran Carlheinz Bexar 4 Jun 1990 M Darla Kaye Leonard Carlheinz Wilhelm Stokes
Stokes Daniel Seth Tarrant 9 Aug 1990 M Melinda Kay Berry Mark Douglas Stokes
Stokes David Anthony (Jr) Dallas 15 Feb 1990 M Cheryl Deanne Stobart David Anthony Stokes, Sr
Stokes Derek Keith Johnson 13 Jan 1990 M Shellie Susan Brown Wayne Augustus Stokes
Stokes Dontrell Shavon Harris 25 Mar 1990 M Hazel Monise Eugene
Stokes Eric Joseph Harris 20 Oct 1990 M Adela Roseria Garcia Perry Joseph Stokes
Stokes Francesca Micole Lamb 3 Apr 1990 F Guadalupe Lucinda Aguirre Gordon Ray Stokes
Stokes Gerald Anthony (Jr) Harris 14 may 1990 M Kimberly Sue Bynum Gerald Anthony Stokes (Sr?)
Stokes Heather Christine Harris 23 May 1990 F Anna Maria Wilson William Edward Stokes, Jr
Stokes Honour Marie Harris 24 May 1990 F Lisa Marie Brewer
Stokes Jacqueline Christina L Tom Green 20 Jul 1990 F Jennifer Kay Stokes
Stokes Jeffrey Theodore Harris 7 Nov 1990 M Laura Elizabeth Manning Theodore Stokes
Stokes John Richard Harris 4 May 1990 M Christine Ann Kenty Richard clyde Stokes
Stokes Jordan Patrick Navarro 6 Mar 1990 M Maria Laina Steele Kenneth Neal Stokes
Stokes Josua Craig Harris 1 Feb 1990 M Equilla Elizabeth Stokes
Stokes Kara Danae 6 Feb 1990 F Linda Carol Orgeron Harold Lamar Stokes
Stokes Kirsten Brooke Harris 20 Oct 1990 F Rebecca Karen Landers Bryan Lee Stokes
Stokes Larry Raymond Tarrant 9 Sep 1990 M Christine Renae Richey John Robert Stokes
Stokes Leah Kellen Harris 15 Feb 1990 F Rachel Lise Whatley John James Stokes
Stokes Leresa Lasha Harris 10 Apr 1990 F Stephanie Ann Beckett Leonard Stokes
Stokes Loretta Rayette Dallas 28 Aug 1990 F Arthretta Moore
Stokes Maggie Ariel Ector 11 Jun 1990 F Mary Juanita Williams Everett Vance Stokes
Stokes Mary Elizabeth Smith 10 Sep 1990 F Lisa Marie McDaniel John Russell Stokes
Stokes Melissa Ashley Jefferson 11 May 1990 F Jeanine Ann Gobold Terry Dwayne Stokes
Stokes Nichole Marie Dallas 15 Nov 1990 F Wilma Kathleen White Michael Edward Stokes
Stokes Quinn Avery Fort Bend 26 Sep 1990 M Laurie Lynn Watson Mark Leslie Stokes
Stokes Quintella Dominique Jefferson 18 Aug 1990 F Twonda Lature Hogue David Cuthbert Stokes
Stokes Rachel Marie Harris 16 Sep 1990 F Karen Denise Morgan Richard Reece Stokes
Stokes Robert Alan Jefferson 13 Sep 1990 M Diane Lynn Stokes Kenneth James Stokes
Stokes Robert Rogert (Jr) Harris 16 Aug 1990 M Freddie Ann Reed
Stokes Ryan Matthew Tarrant 1 Jul 1990 M Kathryn Marie Siebenthal Wayne Edward Stokes
Stokes Samantha Blaire Dallas 3 Jul 1990 F Christie Cay Wade Samuel Steven Stokes
Stokes Sarah Margaret Dallas 23 Jan 1990 F Tamara Lynn Armand Robert Joseph Stokes, Jr
Stokes Staci Brittany Taylor 2 Feb 1990 F Sandra Sylvia Fernandez Rickey Tony Stokes
Stokes Stephanie Michelle Tarrant 20 Mar 1990 F Connie Jean Garrison Paul Clifford Stokes, Sr
Stokes Taylor Madison Harris 13 Feb 1990 F Mary Elizabeth Kimball John Patrick Stokes
Stokes Trevor Blaine Harris 3 Nov 1990 M Lana Ann Czerniakowski Ronald Bill Stokes
Stokes William Anthony El Paso 13 Aug 1990 M Ruby Ann Arzola william Melvin Stokes II
twin - Aaron Michael Stokes
Stokes William Lee Harris 2 Jan 1990 M Loren Ann Smith Daniel Lee Stokes
Stokes Zachary Don Ector 26 Mar 1990 M Debra Sue Green J Brian Stokes
Stokes Gooden Taylor Lauren Harris 26 Oct 1990 F Joanna Yvette Stokes
Stokesberry Jenny Dawn Galveston 9 Nov 1990 F Debra Kay Parker Robert Steven Stokesberry
Stokey Andrew Garrett Bell 13 Jul 1990 M Dominique Dani(?) Quaintance Robert Garrett Stokey
Stokley Johnny Ray (Jr III) Dallas 21 Dec 1990 M Angela Nmi Gaines Johnny Ray Stokley
This record is as transcribed into the Texas Birth Index, the child has both Jr and III after his name and the mother's middle name is listed as "NMI" (the record is in all capitals).